Watching, reading, listening


I went to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour again last week which has started a rewatch of all the HP films. I've been doing it with one of my friends over Whatsapp with lots of messages about how stupid Harry can be...

I've also been watching some Agents of SHIELD which ain't great but it passes the time and sometimes it's funny. 


Moranthology, Caitlin Moran. Its just a collection of her articles but she has provided some commentary around why things have been chosen and some other bits. It's funny but I preferred How To Be a Woman. Also she's called Caitlin and spells it right so I have to like her a bit.


Please give me recommendations! I'm struggling to find new stuff that excites me at the moment. I've been listening to some Kinks, Punch Brothers, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Naked & Famous.