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Sewing project

After finishing my bunting and making some pin cushions I wanted to try my hand at a proper pattern - something a bit harder, but not too difficult! (I really need some proper scissors...)

I decided on pyjama shorts in this lovely material from John Lewis, and New Look pattern 6764. The first sewing bee book was on sale in WH Smiths and it has a similar pattern and lots of tips so I'm using it as a hand reference. They are pretty much finished now but the waist band is scaring me... if you have any tips let me know! I'll update you when I'm done.

Yeah I'm too lazy to do pattern matching for pyjamas!

The Commitments

Sunday night I went to see The Commitments if you've seen the film or read the book then you'll know the story - Dublin boys get a band together to bring soul to the masses - ego, affairs and in fighting threaten to split the hardest working band apart.

It's not the most emotional play but it's still amazing. The set is impressively constructed, pieces pulled out or opened out to show a pub, flat, factory canteen or garage. It's funny and uplifting but the really draw is the music... loads of soul hits complete with a mini concert at the end. Well worth seeing!

The only problem I had was with the group sat in front with us they broke all the etiquette rules: they arrived lateone of their phones beepedtwo left their seats during the first act (loo or bar i'm not sure)they blocked our view regularly - leaning too far forwardthey had no problem having a little chat.  At least they didn't have noisy sweets I guess...
top image via

Easter gifts

I didn't fancy giving the usual easter eggs this ear so I've made these tubs / easter baskets for my family. Good news is they weren't that expensive and I got all of it from Sainsburys - easy stuff!

They cost me £12 with spare tibs and some chocolate for me and contain:

Creme eggs (3 for £1)Malteaster bunnys (3 for £1)Lidt bunny paw (3 for £1)Taste the difference mini eggs (2 for £3, I got 4 = spare bag for me!)Pack 8 treat tubs and toppers (£3)

Flower cushion rough pattern

This cushion has been hanging out on my rocking chair for a while nor but I've finally sewed on the crochet flowers. It's a very simple knitted cushion with a couple of crochet touches...

Rough Pattern

Cast on to match width, cushion should be a multiple of 4 + 2
Start with 4 rows rib to fit cushion width
row one: k2 p2 (end on a k2)
row 2: p2 k2

main body in colour 1 until it covers just over the front and half the back of the cushion
knit row (cast off one stitch in first row)
purl row

main body join colour 2, continue until work covers the whole cushion plus rib
knit row
purl row

for button holes measure where you would like them, cast off two in that place
next row cast on two where they were
4 more rows as main body
cast off

Crochet border
*single crochet in first stitch, skip one, 5 double crochet in next, skip one* repeat single crochet in last stitch

Crochet flowers I used this pattern here which is my favourite.

Last week in pictures

It was something of a lazy week outside of work. I've mainly been crocheting and watching Suits on Netflix (I think Andy recommended it and it's pretty darn good).
I'm crocheting a gold dress to go over a black t-shirt dress from H&M

I also had a fab catch up with Ro with an amazing raspberry ripple milkshake!

The sun this weekend was glorious just a shame my hayfever has kicked in (lilacs smell so good!)

Why am I taking a picture of Marketing Week?
Because the chairman of John Lewis appears to be wearing a crochet tie! Just when I thought I couldn't love that shop anymore...

April Showers

April is my favourite month - Easter, spring and my birthday - what's not to love? I even like the showers (the full on rain not so much).

Here's a taster of my April Showers Etsy Treasury

Mistborn Final Empire

My first Brandon Sanderson book! I'd actually never heard of him before someone I follow on Goodreads had read this book. Goodreads - I kind of love you and your handy recommendations. 
I really got into Final Empire, it's pretty standard world falling apart, people with powers stuff but with heists and gangs. It's pacy with a few twists and turns. the characters are likeable and my only concern with it was the number of times he writes maladroitly. It just stood out to me because you don't read it much and it's an awesome word but 3 times in a book ...

I'm looking forward to reading the other two Mistborn books.



I hadn't made any crochet animals since I made a panda a few years ago until this friendly octopus. He's from this book although I prefer french knots for eyes.

Now I keep seeing loads of Amigurumi on Pinterest that I want to make! Which one first though...

Top photo by me edited using the A Beautiful Mess App, others found on Pinterest - click for source. 

How I Met Your Mother

As I'm writing this I haven't watched the last episode yet. I'm already feeling a bit lost though. How I Met Your Mother has been one of my favourite series for so many years now. The theories, the quotes, the jokes and the romance. My friends and I talk about it to the extent someone once thought we had actual friends called Lily and Marshall. What will I do with out them?

Have no fear though you can pick up some HIMYA pieces on Etsy

I'll also be re-watching it on rainy days and still discussing with friends. 

The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green

Did you know Zach Braff has a brother? Did you know he wrote a book? I'm sure you've figured out that that book is The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green.

Jacob Green is the middle child in a Jewish family with a manipulative father. The story is told in first person by Jacob as he 'becomes a man' and his life starts to change dramatically. He's a teenage boy so there are plenty of awkward moments in there and although some parts are rather sad (his dad is pretty sucky) but it's also rather funny.

This self-assured, comic, yet piercing first novel deftly captures the struggle of an imperfect boy trying to become a suitable son.

It's 99p on Amazon at the moment

Mother's Day crochet

Bad daughter that I am I didn't go home for Mother's Day this year (I saw her the weekend before and will this weekend in my defence).

I did however win in the gift stakes I think. I topped off tickets to Fiddler on the Roof with a crochet hoop I made!

The flowers and leaves are sewn to a crochet web behind and then I used some craft glue to shape the leaves a bit.