The Commitments

Sunday night I went to see The Commitments if you've seen the film or read the book then you'll know the story - Dublin boys get a band together to bring soul to the masses - ego, affairs and in fighting threaten to split the hardest working band apart.

It's not the most emotional play but it's still amazing. The set is impressively constructed, pieces pulled out or opened out to show a pub, flat, factory canteen or garage. It's funny and uplifting but the really draw is the music... loads of soul hits complete with a mini concert at the end. Well worth seeing!

The only problem I had was with the group sat in front with us they broke all the etiquette rules:
  • they arrived late
  • one of their phones beeped
  • two left their seats during the first act (loo or bar i'm not sure)
  • they blocked our view regularly - leaning too far forward
  • they had no problem having a little chat. 
At least they didn't have noisy sweets I guess...