Flower cushion rough pattern

This cushion has been hanging out on my rocking chair for a while nor but I've finally sewed on the crochet flowers. It's a very simple knitted cushion with a couple of crochet touches...

Rough Pattern

Cast on to match width, cushion should be a multiple of 4 + 2
Start with 4 rows rib to fit cushion width
row one: k2 p2 (end on a k2)
row 2: p2 k2

main body in colour 1 until it covers just over the front and half the back of the cushion
knit row (cast off one stitch in first row)
purl row

main body join colour 2, continue until work covers the whole cushion plus rib
knit row
purl row

for button holes measure where you would like them, cast off two in that place
next row cast on two where they were
4 more rows as main body
cast off

Crochet border
*single crochet in first stitch, skip one, 5 double crochet in next, skip one* repeat single crochet in last stitch

Crochet flowers I used this pattern here which is my favourite.