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Dan Croll

I'm a little obsessed with this song at the moment

I was listening to live lounge covers on YouTube and this one (below) came on and I liked it a lot so search for some of his other songs. They are pretty good - I'm looking forward to hearing the album when it comes out.

Dan Croll

Side note - going by the YouTube comments his songs are used in some popular video games...

Gone Girl

I've had my new kindle for a couple of weeks now and it's going ok. I'm still not sure about the whole touch screen thing (I'm highlighting much less) but I like the light function. The best thing was that kindle seemed to remember where I was in my books so I got to pick up where I left off from Gone Girl.

This book, I don't want to give anything away because it's mean and even if you have no plans of reading the book you might see the forthcoming film. I didn't like any of the characters in this except maybe Nick's sister, so it shows how good the plot is that I kept reading.

Back to the film quickly...the casting looks really good. As the mass hatred of Ben Affleck* shows he has the all american face people want to punch and Neil Patrick Harris as Desi - inspired!

*People need to get over this - I think he'll be a good Batman. People should watch Hollywoodland.

Cake and Bake Show

On Sunday I went to the cake and bake show at Earls Court. It was insanely busy so I mainly walked around taking pictures of some of the amazing cakes! I saw some people from british bake off walking around. I ate A LOT. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Really large colourful meringues

Icing flowers

From the 'cake walk' celebrating fashion

Wedding cakes of the future

Awesome marshmallows (the pear and elderflower was my favourite)

Extra colourful meringues (they do  a gin and tonic flavour)

Crochet blanket

I posted a bit of this last year over here - that's how long I've been working on it (on and off...).

The blanket is from a book that Ve gave me the day that she got engaged and she pointed out this pattern specifically so it was only fitting that I made it for her wedding present.

Enders Game or writers and their books

I bloody loved this book, I don't want to say much more what with the film coming out. It's good read it, just think about a couple of things...

I bought the ebook before I knew about the writers opinions on various things. He's a massive a-hole basically. Something that I found at odds with his creation. The book makes me want to see the film - especially with the cast they have. But I don't particularly want to fund a man that has such vile opinions.

I studied english lit as part of my degree so I get that we put ourselves into a book just as much as the author if not more - so the experiences can differ lot's on different rereads. A book doesn't speak for the author I'm trying to say. But are we justifying their actions by reading it? I'm going with no. I hope that we can seperate the two because many people that I don't agree with have still done beautiful things (Byron fell in love with his half sister and most likely fathered one of her child…

Houses of Parliament

Last week I went with Ro on a tour of the Houses of Parliament! It's a beautiful building with lot's of very British quirks. If you can go on a Wednesday morning do - you'll most likely see the MPs wondering around before Prime Minister's Questions and you'll get to see the Speaker's procession.

We also got some tickets to watch PM Q's, great fun watching grown men squabble. This one was particularly interesting because of the recent Syria voting.

You can't take pictures inside except for the entrance hall so I only have a couple of the inside. I also took my new holga lens and walked through Green and St James Park to take some pictures.


Ve introduced me to these guys a couple of years ago. She'd heard one of their songs on Made in Chelsea! Back in the day they even played Southsea Fest and we saw them there in a room of about 90 people...nothing like their sold out tours these days!

Pretty cute too right?