Enders Game or writers and their books

I bloody loved this book, I don't want to say much more what with the film coming out. It's good read it, just think about a couple of things...

I bought the ebook before I knew about the writers opinions on various things. He's a massive a-hole basically. Something that I found at odds with his creation. The book makes me want to see the film - especially with the cast they have. But I don't particularly want to fund a man that has such vile opinions.

I studied english lit as part of my degree so I get that we put ourselves into a book just as much as the author if not more - so the experiences can differ lot's on different rereads. A book doesn't speak for the author I'm trying to say. But are we justifying their actions by reading it? I'm going with no. I hope that we can seperate the two because many people that I don't agree with have still done beautiful things (Byron fell in love with his half sister and most likely fathered one of her children) so it's the money part thats the problem.

I would say piracy is the answer but what of all the other people that contribute to making these things - publishers, booksellers, film makers etc.