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A while back now Disastrophe, the ex and I went to Netley on the train for a walk around the Abbey and Royal Victoria Country Park. We were very lucky and had great weather however didn't have long to look Abbey before they closed the grounds. Victoria Park is the site of the old military hospital (Netley Hospital) and we walked along the seafront from the Abbey. Disastrophe has some pictures and I have some more here too.

New Crush

Weird one this (most likely less weird than my long term obsession with Sir Ranulph Fiennes) but yeah, slight new crush on John Green. I read Paper Towns not long ago and really enjoyed it. Then saw this quote which I love. Lastly I discovered the Nerdfighters and vlogbrothers...  I'm rather late to the party on this I think but if you are too check some of the videos out. Basically it started because John and brother Hank decided to not commutate textually for a year and instead started sending each other videos on youtube which then became really popular. The videos are still going years later and the Green's enthusiasm is infectious!

p.s. so true about nerd guys being hard work!


I never really thought I was one of those girls that copes badly with a badly with a break up but I'm still a bit crazy and it's been more than a month. oh dear. Nothing too crazy I'd like to add. Just a lot of dwelling and general teenage emo-ness whenever I have 5 minutes to myself. I have however found that I can while away most of that time on pinterest, blogs and other internet webby goodness. I am also a tetris fiend. I need to keep this in check though as it has been know to get to the stage that I see shapes when I try to sleep. Anyway I have just combined the two and searched tetris on pinterest! There are some crazy creative geeky people out there and that makes me feel happy :)

How do you while away the hours?

Work Trips

Had a couple of work trips lately one to Boston and one to Spain (Marbella).

The Boston trip was a global team meeting and was great to catch up with people I email regularly but haven't seen in a few years now! Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of Boston however what I did see made me want to go back for another visit :) I lie - we did eat at the oldest restaurant in America

Two weeks after that it was off to sunny Spain (well slightly overcast and very windy Spain) for the books sales meeting! Que many meetings in the day and much food and drinking in the evenings. I returned swimsuit unused, presentations completed with lots of action points, a bruised toe, a cold, hungover and very sleepy. It wasn't quite Made is Essex but was close enough for me!


I have a few new photos up from my trip to Kidderminster over the May Bank holiday to see my Nan. We went to David Austin Rose Garden. He's kinda the rose daddy; creating new types of rose for sale and stuff.

Also went to National Trust property Wightwick Manor. Amazing place, the family paid the NT to take it as they felt it was too new to be an NT property, that's before they saw all the goodies inside...which due to copyright reasons I wasn't allowed to photograph. The gardens were nice too though.

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