Lundi Loves

1. Tulips

My absolute favourite flower. I especially love them in pink and white. So pretty and the epitome of spring...

both from here

2. Surprise birthday cupcakes

Aren't they pretty? Believe me they tasted amazing too :)

3. Free Recipes

I love picking up free recipe cards in the supermarket. This is my attempt at the new Heston recipe from Waitrose - tasted pretty good, was easy and quick too. Perfect after I killed myself in the gym today!

4. Ikea
This is my new favourite part of the flat. I bought the lamp from Ikea last weekend for £9.99!!! It was reduced from £40, I guess the pink maybe a little girlie so it was only that colour. My parent bought me the bookcase (from Ikea) as part of my birthday present and they brought them over yesterday and my dad put them together for me while I gossiped with my mum. I've got a couple of CD/DVD towers to get (also Ikea), a shelf to put up and a picture at the framers and then the living room will be complete!
5. Biffy Clyro

So excited!! Tomorrow I'm off to see Biffy, I haven't seen them since I was at Uni and they've grown so much since then...