Lundi Loves

1. Paper butterflies

Both weheartit

A friend of a friend sells these here aren't they cute?!

2. Glee: Halo/Walking on Sunshine Mash-up
Can't get this out of my head!!!
3. My latest girl crush...
Rebecca Hall

Image from here

4. Man on Wire

Amazing man, beautiful film. I have literally just finished watching this and it is moving watching a man relive for filling his dreams.

Image from here

5. Rugby (Jonny Wilkinson)

It's my fav. sport to watch. It's a beautiful game and a lot more graceful than you'd imagine considering it's basically a bunch of guys running into each other. I don't normally go for blonde jock types but then I also don't particularly have a type so here's Jonny.

Image from here (Watch the no. 10)