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Watching, Reading, Listening


Game of Thrones: I read the books but the end of this series has just brought all my anger back. He'd better write the next bloomin book soon!

Jurassic World: Great fun but I still don't understand how she can run around in her heels for the whole film!


Saga: A few people have recommended this to me and its great! I've read the first 3 volumes so far. The art is beautiful.


I'm still into bluegrassy stuff at the moment.

Forget me not pins

I know they are cheesy but these forget me not push pins are also pretty cute. I bought some plain pins and used my glue gun (I love my glue gun) to stick the forget me nots on.

If you fancy making the flowers you can find the pattern here

Macaron making class

Last month I went on a Macaron making course with Flammen & Citronen. I got a discount through Wowcher (which they seem to do fairly regularly).

The course is 3 hours and you get a drink as well as a share of all the macarons made. Classes are small and held in a few places across London. The instructor was really nice and geeky which made the course fun. I did the beginners course where you learn her recipe, we made rose, pistachio and vanilla macarons with vanilla buttercream fillings.

I'm planning on signing up for the next stages - intermediate is chocolate with chocolate filling, advanced covers other fillings like jellies.

Sorry the photos are bad quality I only had my phone with me!