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Knitted braid plant pot

Most of my plant pots are white and from Ikea. Its nice because they match but I felt that the simplest one needed jazzing up a bit, adding wool seemed the obvious choice!

I used this headband pattern but with lighter yarn and smaller needles. It's an easy cable pattern with a three needle bind off. I'd never done one before but it is very easy and cool and leaves you with a nice flat seem. Once its the right side and you've finished up, just glue in place!

It still fits in with my other things but looks a bit more interesting now.

Crochet fox

I made this girl a while ago for a friend that loves foxes. I used bits of other patterns to do it but made up sections as I went. Stupidly, I forgot to take notes...

One day I'll a similar animal and write it up but for now look at that cute face!


Pappy ( my Granddad) was from Ireland and is buried there. We used to go regularly to Kerry when I was younger but I hadn't been for at least 12 years... 
Last week I went over with my parents and their dog and went around some of my favourite places. I also managed to buy a mirror for 95 euros, but that's another story!
If you ever go to Kerry I can recommend you go to Dingle (we stayed just outside by Inch beach). Murphy's has the best ice cream flavours and you can go on boat rides to see Fungie the dolphinThe South Pole Inn (not that far outside in Annascaul) has amazing photographs of local boy and former owner, Tom Crean who was on the Discovery, Terra Nova and Endurance expeditions. You should also check out the Skellig and Blasket centres - I've not been to either set of islands but you can find out lots about them in the centres and they do tours. One of the Skelligs is going to be in the new Star Wars film!

Fort Charles, Co. Cork
Kinsale, Co. Cork

Clogher Beac…

Daisy headband DIY

I used my forget me not pattern to make some daisies and then attached them to a plain elastic headband. Easy! I even used my glue gun because I was too lazy to sew them. 

You can see the flower pattern here a bonus blury picture of me is below...