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Rose and Violette

Quick post to share the baby blankets which I made for my cousin's twins: Rose and Violette.

I use Sirdar Snuggly 3761 pattern 2, 3ply blanket with a couple of changes... I used Debbie Bliss wool instead of sidar snuggly starting with 136ch instead of 171 and for the border foundation row I used single rather than double.

Weirdly the colours I choose matched their names!

My aunt took them over at the weekend and they loved them :) Now I just have to get over to Brussels at some point to see them all!

To Dry For

You might have heard of this site before, has been featured in lot's of interiors magazines and it's easy to see why! The site features loads of great designs on tea towels for great prices. Some of the designs I've seen as art prints for £30 else where and are under a tenner as a tea towel! What's not to like!

So far I've bought one tea towel from them and had it framed (these designs are just too nice). I'm planning on getting a couple more to make into cushions, cover old tote bags etc. Endless possibilities. After that I might even buy one to dry the dishes with...

"The Rules"

At the weekend a couple of us got some rather sage dating advice from Nic, a 21 year old male. He’s the younger brother of one of best friends and I’ve been friends with him for a couple of years now. I thought that some of you might be interested to know what the boys have to say if like me you’re new to the whole dating thing. Even if you don’t, it’s kinda funny.
“You see men like breasts. That’s pretty much it. But then women build this whole load of other stuff up around it”
On texting: If you want to text text; if they like you then they’ll text backKeep it short, if it’s long and rambley you’ll sound nervous and desperateYou have breasts they won’t care if you were the last person to text a couple of days ago

I’d like to finish this post with a quote from Nic (from when I told him I was blogging about his rules):
“hahayourclearlynotgettingthepointheremiss..... THEREARENORULES!!! Just beyourselfandkeepitsimpleJ”

Empire Big Screen

Alexa and I went up to the big smoke for Empire Big Screen at the O2 a few weeks ago and had an awesome time geeking out over all the film stuff we saw like:

 Warrick Davis getting into the delorian
 new Men in Black bike
 bounty hunters
 The Dark Knight Rises trailer
 New Sherlock Holmes area
 Cowboys vs Aliens bar
 Priates set
 Meeting Harry Potter animals!!

 playing jedi
 The Muppets!!

We're already planning next years visit!

Photos are mine except where stated


Another road trip! My we have been busy.

Winchester is a rather historic small city near where we live and on a rather dull Saturday two cars of us drove over for an impromptu walk around the cathedral...

 look at old time graffiti...

cute cottages...
The house Jane Austin died in...
the river