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I love where I live. I'm lucky enough to live close to some of my best friends and to the sea. Southsea/Portsmouth might not have the best beaches but the south coast of England can get some pretty good weather some times. When it does we'll often meet up and go for a walk along the seafront...
 Walk along the promenade
 Stop at the bandstand
 Pass the castle
 Skim some stones
 walk around canoe lake
 Catch some rays
 chill out in the rose garden
 Watch some sport
 play monsters
or just hang around.

I just hope we get some more sunny days.


Alexa and I went to see The Maccabees a couple of weeks ago one the first night of their new tour. They played a lot of their new songs (which luckily I really enjoyed) and also some of the hits.

Toothpaste Kisses didn't make the set list unfortunately but these did...

(yep it's Gavin from Gavin and Stacey)

SUCH  a good cover.  I love Orlando Weeks' voice (and his name - awesome, no?).

Arundel Road Trip

Eepp! I've been rather busy and rubbish lately and not blogging... a few weeks back we had a road trip to Arundel. It's a beautiful place with lots of cute tea shops, junk shops, book shops and craft shops (there are lot's of shops). There's also a river, lake, pretty fields and .... a castle!

P.S. I'm on instagram now; can you tell?