Sunday, 22 May 2011

Two weeks

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So much has happened in the last two weeks and I'm still not really dealing with it. Last week I had some job interviews and I've got more coming. Looks like I'm going to have some big choices to make soon enough. It's exciting that all this is happening and it's also helped to take my mind off other things but it's all a bit overwhelming at times. Next few days I've a work trip so hopefully that will give me a chance to sort myself out before some more interviews at the end of the week. For now I'm going to sit, watch The Office, knit and eat strawberry laces.

Maybe I should pack though...
Monday, 16 May 2011

Current Project

At the moment I'm knitting this gorgeous cushion cover from the Amy Butler Rowan book (which has some great patterns in). It's my first go with colour work and it's going ok so far although it's getting kinda messy with all the ends. Have you got any tips for knitting intarsia?
Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Relationship Playlist

Not much more to say about this one! Spotify link

if you know the original source please let me know otherwise

Track list
  1. If Loneliness Was Art, Allo, Darlin'
  2. I Wish That I Could See You Soon, Herman Dune
  3. Absolutely Cuckoo, The Magnetic Fields
  4. Sky Holds The Sun, The Bees
  5. Fairytale Lullaby, Bombay Bicycle Club
  6. When I'm With You, Best Coast
  7. I'll Be Yours, Those Dancing Days
  8. Knock Out, Air Waves
  9. Undeclared, The Dodos
  10. How My Heart Behaves, Feist
  11. Of Angels and Angles, The Decemberists
  12. I Didn't Understand, Elliot Smith
  13. Everything Goes My Way, Metronomy
  14. Good Feeling, Violent Femmes
  15. Melt Your Heart, Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins
  16. Ghosts, Laura Marling
  17. Easy Way Out, Elliott Smith
  18. Squealing Pigs, Admiral Fallow
  19. Distance, Beach Fossils
  20. My Heart Is A Drummer, Allo, Darlin'
  21. I Don't Want To Get Over You, The Magnetic Fields
  22. The First Days Of Spring, Noah and The Whale
Monday, 9 May 2011

Summer Playlist

The sun has been shinning here a lot lately so I put together a summer playlist on Spotify. It's likely to evolve over the course of the next few months as these things do! If you're on Spotify check it out here other wise the track listing is below...

For Alexa
Found on Pinterest - let me know if you know the original source

  1. Breaker, Breaker, Peter Bjorn & John
  2. The Bike Song, Mark Ronson & The Business International
  3. Don't Say Oh Well, Grouplove
  4. Run Run, Those Dancing Days
  5. The Polaroid Song, Allo, Darlin'
  6. Lets Go Surfing, The Drums
  7. Radar Detector, Darwin Deez
  8. Blue Skies, Noah and The Whale
  9. Do As I Say Not As I Do, Ed Harcourt
  10. Zorbing, Stornoway
  11. Moth's Wings, Passion Pit
  12. Everything Goes My Way, Metronomy
  13. Summer Hits or J+J Don't Like, Mazes
  14. Marathon, Tennis
  15. Eyes, Peter Bjorn & John
  16. Big Wave, Jenny and Johnny
  17. I Really Need Love, The Bees
  18. In The Sun, She & Him
  19. Relator, Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson
  20. Slaveship, Josh Rouse
  21. Cover Rights, Eux Autres
  22. La La La, The Bird and The Bee
  23. The Summer, Coconut Records
  24. Electric Twist, A Fine Frenzy
  25. East Van Girls, Shimmering Stars
  26. Dig A Little Deeper, Peter Bjorn & John
  27. Toothpaste Kisses, The Maccabees

What have you been listening to lately?
Saturday, 7 May 2011

Buster Keaton

from here found on Pinterest 
For months my brother has been on at me to watch Sherlock Jr. I love old black and white movies but have had a problems getting into silent films in the same way. Of course I found The Kid moving but it was devastating and the comic side of it didn't sit right with me. However Sherlock Jr. has changed that (though maybe I should give Chaplin another shot). The film is beautifully shot, moving and also very funny. Some of the techniques must have been quite advanced for the period. It's also short and out of copyright so you can watch it on YouTube. I really think you should. This weekend I think I'm going to hunt out some of his others.

Maybe after that I'll watch Benny and Joon again too..
Friday, 6 May 2011


Truth time!

I haven't updated in a while because I've been scared what might start pouring out when I start typing. Life (well relationships) have been rather up and down since my last post. There are plenty of other things they don't tell you in the movies it would seem!

Anyway in other news I'm now on Pinterest and slightly addicted to it! You can find me at I'd love to know if you're using it and how you're using it. At the moment I'm using it as a mood board / wishlist and love that the pictures link back to their original webpage; great for recipes and how to's.

[picture from here found on pinterest :) ]