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So last month I went on a trip with my Mum and one of my Aunts to Belgium to visit my cousin and his lovely family :) I don't get to see them enough which is a shame because my cousin is the biggest film and music geek I know. He lent me Q magazine and Empire, numerous CDs and films and even took me to my first concert (the bootleg beatles - amazing). Anyway Belgium has lots of other awesome things too like...
Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy
Lace shops (maybe a few too many for my liking but my mum and aunt loved them)
pretty buildings and rivers (we went to Bruges for the day. It rained. A lot.)
Pretty parks with duck ponds That's my last trip this year so you get a break from holiday photos!

The cool down

So it's rather rainy and cold here now and my life's starting to calm down along with it too. I've a couple of updates coming soon but here are some pics from a daytrip with my parents last month (remember when there was a visible sun in the sky?). We went to Hinton Ampner not far from where they live.

There are a few more photos on flickr here it's a beautiful place.