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2009 has been a good year for me getting to know friends better, starting this blog! The decade has been just as good. I've done so much it's hard to imagine another decade as jam packed! Not only did I finish school, I went to university, I had my first boyfriend, my first job, first career, learnt to drive and got my first car, learnt to knit and crochet, got my own place, made tons of new friends. There were bad bits too but it's best to forget them!
New Years can be a bit anti climatic but we have some series plans tonight involving Rolling Stones and Beatles cover bands and dressing up. Have a great night!
(pictures from weheartit)

Naughties charts

Yep the decade with the worst name is coming to an end and to mark the occasion here are some of my most watched/most listened to from the last ten years...

TV series: Arrested Development Flight of the Conchords Gavin and Stacey Green Wing Greys Anatomy Heros The Office (an American Workplace) Peep Show Spaced The West Wing Films: Batman Begins Black Hawk Down Eagle vs Shark Elizabethtown Hairspray Juno Mean Girls The Notebook The Royal Tannenbaums Spirited Away
CD Albums: Ryam Adams - Gold Bloc Party - Silent Alarm Ray Davies - Other Peoples Lives Franz Ferdinand Fleet Foxes Ed Harcourt - Here Be Monsters Interpol - Antics LCD Sound System - Sound of Silver Laura Marling - Alas I Cannot Swim

Hand warmers

Busy week this one - still battling with the cough and struggling to sleep. But starting to get excited about Christmas. Had our work meal today which was lovely and tomorrow is my last day in the office this decade! I've also been catching up on Christmassy films like Elf and It's a Wonderful Life; next is Meet Me in St Louis.
Here is one of the hand warmers I mentioned a while back. I made it following the pattern on Creative Yarn then stitched on the felt clouds to mix it up a bit.

I have so many ideas for things I'd like to make for next year but need the time and the money... going to try and post them later on as a 2010 to do list.

Christmas is nearly here!

And I'm ill again so I've not been up to much other than coughing. I did watch elf and have some mulled wine with friends yesterday and sewed some Christmas cards for family -
here you go:

Mad hatter

I made a hat! Check it...
Sooo pleased with myself right now. Not only is it the first hat I've ever made it's also my first cable knit piece. The pattern is by Kim Hargreaves - I love her patterns...

After making this I really want to do some more cable knit projects!

Bed runner

Been a bit ill the last couple of days - the cold I had been fighting out finally won. So nothing new but here are some pictures of one of the first crochet projects I started. I'm ashamed to admit I only finished it a few months back. But then that's one of the great things about crafting - you can put them down and come back to them when you feel ready to.
It's made up of single colour small granny squares which are crocheted together alternating right and wrong side facing with a crochet edging in light brown and pink to match the rest of my messy bedroom...

The bow

Top weekend, lots of crafting, friends, and a new haircut.
First up I decided to sew the big pinkbow onto a t-shirt after all! I had to stitch it along the middle and both ends but luckily it's a thick one and seems to hold the weight ok. Here I am wearing it at a friends house warming. Such a pretty flat!
I also made some hand warmers following the pattern on Creative Yarn with Rowan Bamboo Tape left over from my cardigan. I also sewed some felt clouds on there. Pictures to follow but it's pretty hard taking pictures of your own hands I've discovered! I may resort to some MySpace style mirror shots...


I live on my own and miss this lady a lot... Isla lives with my parents and is a very cute, funny and silly gorden setter. I also had the most amazing rabbit for a while... Eeyore:
It's very strange living without any pets. One day I'd like one of these guys:

I better get ready, having my hair cut today.


Just finished my big pink knitted bow :) I was originally going to sew it onto a grey t shirt or jumper but it's pretty heavy so I'm going to have to give it some thought or use it for something else. Maybe a headband like the lovely ones on Miss' blog or the one I made for Alexa... Any suggestions?


Had a great weekend good food and friends. Now my decorations are up and I'm starting to get ready for Christmas!
Here's some pretty red winter pictures from weheartit