Watching, reading, listening

If weekends were a competition I think I won the 30+ category this weekend when someone thought I was 24 years old. Not that youth is everything mind! I also got to spend time with lots of my favourite people and be by the seaaaaa.

Slow West is on Netflix at the moment and you should watch it. A young Scottish man arrives in America and is heading to meet the girl he's in love with and hires a man to get him there alive. It's a beautiful film and worth trying even if you are put off by westerns because it's probably not what you think. Plus -

I've also been watching Travel Man, the funniest travel programme ever. Richard Ayoade takes a friend to a near by travel destination to fit as much sightseeing as possible into 48 hours on a budget. You can watch it on 4oD (or whatever it's called now).

I got around to reading Not That Kind of Girl this week. Obviously Lena is an over sharer and had a very particular kind of upbringing (one pretty different from my own) but I still found a lot of the essays relatable and interesting.

like everyone else in the world a little Bowie but also some Kat Edmonson because her voice is so beautiful.