13 for 2013: Holiday!

I haven't been abroad for a non work trip since I went to Florence about 4/5 years ago. I love to travel the reason I hadn't been away was having a mortgage and not much money. So having some money from my redundancy I wanted to make sure that some of it went on holidays!

I managed to get a cheap-ish trip to Iceland with some friends through their mums (it was basically a staff field trip that we gatecrashed). I didn't get to see the Northern lights so I'd like to go back again and see the north of the island. It's a stunning place.

My highlights:
 The back sand beach complete with ice chunks (it was in Stardust!)

Coming straight of the plane to swim in the Blue Lagoon Spa

Coming second in the Rock Off best rock competition

Seeing glaciers

Seeing Geysers explode!

Going on a glacier hike - even if my foot fell out my crampon!

We went lava tube caving and I now have bruises on my knees so whenever I see them I get this stuck in my head. Worth it. Awesome song and an amazing day.

My camera (not photo) snaps are all here if you'd like a look.