I've been trying to work out why I love this blog so much. Yes many of my friends are in long term relationships and some are even engaged or married while I'm still single. That said they don't really act all that disparaging of my actions (is that the right tense? - shame on me and my knowledge of grammar), most have done worse in their time (I am really far too sensible).

I think the judgement lies more with myself. The constant struggle to a perfect life and to be a better person means that we are pretty much always our harshest critics. One half of me is all yeah lets go a bit crazy - you're young and it's normal; the other is much more really at your age!


I wish I cared less about what people might think of me (I'm pretty sure that most people don't really care at all what I do) but more so I wish I could accept the mildly crazy swimming in my clothes at night side more. She's fun and would have some great stories if I let her out more.

This weekend I'm going out with some friends and my flat mates and I'm going to try and not get too drunk and do anything embarrassing, but if I do then that's OK too.