Things I'm happy about

Sometimes it feels like just as things are going ok they all come crashing down again...Like one giant pile of crap after another. I think it's times like these when I at least need to remind myself of the good things:

  • Miserable Rich gig on Friday night was so lovely (more later)
  • Knitting Christmas gifts - creativity and a sense of achievement as well as the gift of giving (again more later!)
  • Friends - old and new! Saturday I went out with a very new friend in Putney and had an almost too epic night then Sunday I hung out with one of my old friends. Perfect weekend. 
  • London - most of the time I am so glad I moved here, there is just so much to do and so many people to meet, yes it's expensive and a bit smelly sometimes but other times is sublime
  • My job - I'm good at what I do, I need to remember this and think about where I want/need to develop - change/challenges are good things!
  • My room - ok so it's not my flat or the house I want so badly but I have a desk! and a massive bed! my housemates are lovely! etc...
  • Puppies!!! I have saved the best till last because my parents are getting a puppy to keep Isla (our dog) company. How gosh darn cute is she?! I love her already and we've not even met yet. 
photo by mama Flint