Watching, reading, listening


Saturday night two of my friends made me watch John Carter. It is so strange. At times they repeatedly explain things (Barsoom is Mars if you watched the film and didn't pick up on that at all), at others they conveniently leave out important bits, like you know, how he gets to Barsoom (thats what they call Mars). Its pretty... the guys power is jumping high, did I mention that? Anyway, it left me laughing hysterically and questioning life on Jasoom (Earth, Barsoom is Mars).

I also watched Me, Earl and the Dying Girl again which is so so good! Watch this instead.


Middlesex is a beautifully written book about identity. Cal was born a female and then again later as a male. The narrator intertwines his current complicated love life with how he became who he is. The book takes place across Europe and America, through wars and riots and different generations but still feels personal.


Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin is back! Alec is a pretty good interviewer and has such an amazing voice (and giggle). I've also been listening to more Dan Savage's Savage Love podcast and got one of my housemates into it too.

Mystery Jets have a new album out so I've given that a go. It's good but I still love this song best:

and this one...