Christmas holidays

With not long to go until the big day posting has gone a bit out of the window. Most things have to be honest. I'm currently sat at my laptop watching Kirstie's Homemade Christmas on catch up for inspiration even though I'm not going to have any time to make any more things...

But anyway. Here are some photos from when mum and I went to Bath a couple of weeks ago...

Apparently I have been to Bath before but I don't remember because I was at most 1 (it was before my brother was born). The weather was a bit shoddy but Bath is gorgeous so it didn't matter at all.

There was so much Jane Austen stuff going on it was weird... BATH ISN'T EVEN IN MANY OF THE BOOKS... coming from Hampshire (where she lived and died) it was very odd to me. That said Persuasion is set there and it's my fav.

The markets were amazing but by Friday (we went Wednesday to Friday) it was a bit too busy for me. I recommend going in the week - not just because it's cheaper.

Mum and I ate lots and talked lots and I spent lots. It was a good time.

Anyway expect more random posts up until the New Year when things will get back to a routine.