Experiments in blogging: post schedules

So a big thing in lots of the research I've been doing is posting regularly on set days at set times.
As you may notice I have not been doing this.

They also suggest having a bank of posts that can cover a few weeks and plans for a few months. This I have also not been doing...

Regular posts
  1. Watching, reading, listening - Sundays - as a round up post of my week this seems like a good fit, they don't really lend themselves to advanced writing and scheduling though.
  2. Craft posts - Tuesdays - again these I can plan ahead with they only issue is posting new things each week so they are a potential at the moment but as I tend to make things it seems like a good call to have regular updates on what I'm making...
  3. Experiments in Blogging - Thursdays - luckily these I can plan ahead with and Thursday spreads things out nicely.
I am starting to build up a set of draft posts now which I can then edit and schedule. Having posts around key events and holidays would be great too! 

I live in the UK and looking at my blogger stats my readers are split between here and the US and with readers does it really matter as much as social media posts?? I think I'm going to post in the evening UK time for a while and then try switching and see which does better (if it makes any difference at all that is). 

Blog calendar
Building the calendar can be intimidating but I won't beat myself up if I days change and it's comforting to see that I do have ideas and that they are written down so I won't forget!

I use Pinterest, notebooks and notes on my phone to keep track of ideas. I sometimes flesh them out a bit more in a draft blog post, email or notes on my phone.

Once a week sit down look through my ideas, I brainstorm new ones and get rid of rubbish ones. Then I add them to the blog calendar. I can choose the most relevant thing for the coming week and add posts to my schedule later on.