Experiments in blogging: Branding

Full disclosure - I work in marketing. That said, I know little about marketing my own stuff & I feel a bit weird about it.

So branding... where to start! Most brand guidelines will contain the following items outlining options and how they can and cannot be used.
  • Names
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Design elements
  • Descriptions

I have none of these things.

As a non professional blogger I only have my own money to spend on this stuff so I haven't bought font packages or logo designs or any of that stuff. I feel like where it's only me I don't have to worry about laying down the law and worrying about people miss using things.

At some point I'll get a designer to make me a logo and sort out all the other bits. In the meantime everything is evolving with me and I'm starting to see some consistency. So I've had a think and here's an outline of what I do have:
  • Names - My name is just an old nickname and I have variations of it for my shop, blog and social media
  • Colours - I kind of have this one! This has evolved mainly because I like the colours...
  • Fonts - nope
  • Logos - I do not have these... I have a few images that I've used on social media and I try to keep them consistent  and my labels of course
  • Design elements - nope (why are none of my friends artists or designers :/ )
  • Descriptions - just my bio at the moment