Experiments in blogging: About me page

This week I've been looking at my 'About me' page. Most of the tips I've found say to start by identifying who you want your audience to be and then what you want your blog to be before you write your 'about' page.

At the moment it is mainly some of my real life friends that read this (at least i think they do) I'd love it if more people interested in crafts, books and music read it too. I think the main target audience is me...

Blog vision
This is harder. In an ideal world I would spent my time making things for people and

The about page
The key points here seem to be:
  • Honesty
  • Tell a story
  • Say what you are offering
  • Give insight into your life and situation
  • First person
  • Include pics
Photos?? I'll steal some my friends have taken of me from Facebook. I can't take selfies at all. 
It seems weird that I have a blog but struggle with writing about myself but it's true, so while I have updated my 'About Me' page it remains a work in progress...