Cable knit rope cushion

New cushion cover! For this I used WI aran and 4mm needles. Rough Pattern is:

Start by casting on 76 stitches
K3, P2, *K2, P2 (repeat from * to final 3), K3
P3, K2, *P2, K2 (repeat from * to final 3), P3
Repeat two rows until 10 are completed.

K3, P2, KCable 6, P2, K2, *P2, Cable 6, P2, K2 (repeat from * to final 1), K1
P2, K2, PCable 6, K2, P2, *K2, Cable 6, K2, P2 (repeat from * to final 1), P1
Repeat rows to fit cushion.
(For Cable, C6F every 5th row)

Complete by repeating first two stitches 4 times each.