Experiments in blog and shop building

I make a lot of stuff and for a while I had a much neglected Etsy shop, now I want to build it up again and I thought I'd start keeping a log of what I'm doing each week.

Step one: What and why
I like making and I love it when people like what I have made for them. I want to upgrade my hobby so that more people get to see and have the things I make. I also want to be part of a creative community.

Step two: Inventory
What do I already have could be useful:

  • Blog
  • Etsy shop
  • Friends & family
  • Social media
  • Internet in general
  • Sew in labels 
  • Existing patterns and ideas for patterns
Step three: Research
I have a rough plan below of things I need to look into:
  • I've a whole Pinterest board full of links to advice
  • I have a bunch of books
  • I've subscribed to some craft podcasts 
  • I need to talk to friends and family about what I've made that they like most
  • Look at blog and social media stats to see what I've made that has been most popular 
  • Join local networks and talk to other crafters

If any of you have any suggestions, comments, just general help that would be amazing!

I may have also jumped ahead about 30 steps this week and ordered some business cards... I'll share them when they arrive.