Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Crochet necklace

I'm still working with sidar snuggly baby bamboo, it's so nice to crochet with. I saw a version of this necklace on Pinterest from this blog. she'd used a similar yarn to me I think and it makes the necklace more of a collar one which I like compared to the pattern (I used a 4mm hook).

The main thing I changed was just to do fewer rounds (I wasn't sure about the phallic shape of the original!). I think I still need to change a little of the last row and how it joins and get a proper metal fastening but I'm pretty happy with it and looking to make some more in different colours! You could even customise further with embellishments... 

Don't get carried away Caitlin.

yeah I still can't take photos of myself looking at the camera...


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