Friday, 6 December 2013

YA Fiction: my guilt pleasure

Looking back at my Goodreads I've read lots and lots of Young Adult (YA) dystopian and fantasy novels this year - often the writing isn't the best but they are easy reads often well paced.

Yesterday I went to see the new Hunger Games movie, the first one is one of the few examples I can think of where the film is better than the book. The new one is also much better and a great set up. It helps that I, along with most of the world, love Jennifer Lawrence. Enders Game was good but most of the others have been a bit lack lustre. I'm looking forward to Divergent (which I'm reading at the moment) the casting again looks good. The films do seem to be attracting better casts - I'm hoping this is because the plots, books & scripts, are getting better rather than the money...

I like that while these books might have a little romance that's not normally the driving force of the plot - although they seem to up this in the films. I don't remember there being that much in Catching Fire or any at all in Enders Game...

The other thing I find strange is that most of these are series books. Is there a reason for this? I tend to read the first one and then read other stuff and see later if it's something I want to read the next one of. Part of this is my shame of loving them - I feel the need to alternate with more 'upmarket' books. I know no one else cares I think it's just me feeling I need to self improve all the time. Or maybe I think it's because if I do binge I won't enjoy them as much (I did that with romance novels a while ago).

What's your guilty pleasure?


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