Villagers / my latest crush

Villagers are awesome. I should really write more than that but really that's all you need to know. Listen to some of their music if you don't believe me.

award winning title track of album 1

From the new album:

Ok, if you want more information...
In actual fact I wasn't that keen on their first album. Becoming a Jackal (amazing title) was good but didn't really grab me. {awayland} how ever had me hooked. I think that's partly because it's a little less depressing.  

I read that Conor's (the singer and songwriter of Villagers) sister died after the release of Jackal, and I can understand where he's coming from with that.

I saw them at Brixton Electric last month and the songs are even better live. There's not much chat but the songs are very like Irish story telling so you don't miss that, it might even take a bit away from the magic.

So yes, new crush... Conor J. O'Brien 
  • Looks a lot like Conor Oberst but less emo. 
  • He's Irish. 
  • Intelligent (studied Lit at UCD apparently).
  • Not too tall (might actually be a bit short).
  • Talented.