Slow Cooking

It was my birthday last month (getting closer and closer to that 30 mark) and I got a slow cooker from my parents!

I am so excited about this. So far I have used it twice (the second time is today, so my dinner is cooking away while I type) and have started a board of recipes on Pinterest if you have suggestions for recipes you've tried and loved please let me know!

Saturday I cooked Weight Watchers Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Curry which was fabulous. The chicken was so tender, the only issue was the veg was a bit under cooked and it could have done with 6-7 hours rather than the 5 I gave it. That said I like my carrots crunchy so it was good for me.  I served with rice and half a lime rather than a wedge because lime is underrated.

Slow Cooker Thai Chicken -- Weight Watchers
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