Women in the Media

At the moment the TV shows I love the most have strong female characters not 2d romantic leads.

  • Robin in How I Met Your Mother - that episode where she finds out she can't have children, even though she didn't want them... That episode broke my heart it was so beautifully done. 
  • All the people in Game of Thrones - I am so excited about the new season! but yeah everyone is shades of grey in this no one is perfect or acts perfectly (even Ned Stark doesn't do whats best for the country because he's being a stickler for the rules). Ok maybe Joffrey is truly evil.  
  • Once Upon a Time - Mainly the Queen in this (although all of them can kick some arse) her storyline is pretty awesome
  • Pretty Little Liars - Yes it's trashy and unbelievable but still it's about friendship and sticking together really isn't it? And not telling stupid lies. 
  • Parks and Recreation - How could I not mention Lesley Knope in this honestly! Ovaries before Brovaries, Uterus' before Duderus'  people!
Not to mention the girls trying to figure it all out in sitcoms: New Girl, Girls, Mindy Project. 

I read an article this week on HelloGiggles about women in the media. It's quotes Gena Davis as saying:
“All of Hollywood is run on one assumption: that women will watch stories about men, but men won’t watch stories about women. All the decisions are made based on this ‘concrete fact’. Nobody’s really proved that this is true. It’s a horrible indictment of our society.”

I think that a lot of the time that's true sadly. Gena Davis' charity states that in family films there is only one female character for every 3 male!

This TED talk - watch it. Media shouldn't cover gender roles but show real representations of PEOPLE.