Cornwall and Fear

grey day at the Eden Project

Last weekend I went to Cornwall with some friends to visit some other friends who have been living there. We arrived late Friday night / Saturday morning had a quick cuppa and a chat then headed to bed for some much needed sleep!

The next day was pasty day at the Eden Project. The Eden Project is awesome and weird and warm inside which is good because as you can see it was a pretty grey weekend. My pasty (below, the traditional variety) was lovely but we had expected a few tasters from the competition that was happening. No such luck. I had a fantastic day, we went ice skating, had ice cream saw a traditional cornish folk band and had some rather nice cider.

the gang

can you see my fear

The fear part? Well I'm not comfortable with heights and in the tropical/rain-forest dome you can go to a platform at the top. I made it up with the help of Rich and Matt (who took this photo of me). It's not so much the height that's scary it's the movement. The platform and stairs are suspended so they start to shake as people walk around them. The views are stunning and I'm glad I went up there. That said I'm not sure I will next time!

I'm not sure this post was interesting so here are some robot's dancing: