Ageing and Nora Ephron

I'm not much of a biography reader - I struggle to get into non-fiction sometimes and tend to find novels much more accessible. Nora Ephron died last year and I read bits about her in the papers and on the blogs. Like most romcom fans When Harry Met Sally is one of my top films and I've of course seen many of her others. I hadn't read any of her written work though. 

Lena Dunham Remembers Nora Ephron in The New Yorker here

I Feel Bad About My Neck is a collection of essays by Ephron covering what it is to me a women who's aging. Even though I'm only 27 and can't afford half her lifestyle I found it accessible and funny - It's a quick read and I recommend you give it ago. She covers things like falling in love with a property, beauty regime changes, divorce, empty nesters and cooking.

More awesome ladies writing stuff about themselves some I've read, others are on my list:
Mindy Kaling
Tina Fey
Dawn French
Caitlin Moran
Carrie Fisher
Deborah Devonshire
Diane Keaton
Sloane Crosley
Miranda Hart
Clare Balding
Jeanette Winterson

Please let me know if you have more recommendation - I do love a good book!