13 for 2013: Water

I am rubbish at drinking enough and my Coca Cola addiction (I was at one point having a can a day) doesn't really help matters! So this year I've been trying to turn things around.

For Lent I gave up coke and instead I have two cups of tea a day:
1) when I wake up (earl grey with half a lemon - hot lemon meant to be great for you first thing but I can't handle it with out the tea first thing)
2) when I get to work

On top of that I have one glass of fruit juice and I have water bottle (one of the above in fact) that I try and have two servings of at work (roughly 1 ltr).

All this works pretty well it's just the weekend and evening that I struggle with - out of my work routine and the gym I pretty much forget to have a drink which is not good! Any tips?

Side note - it was World Water Day last week:

Love Wheezy!