Happy Valentines Day

I don't know who reads this other than some of my real life friends (you are awesome) or if anyone even does. That's not really been the point of this anymore. If you read this and I don't know you then thank you and I love you too (the idea of you I guess seeing as I don't really know you...that would be weird). Either way I kind of like sharing my stuff with the nothingness of the internet.

Things I'm loving this week:

  • Pancake day party with lot's of toppings
  • Free box of 48(!!!) crunchie bars from our stationary suppliers
  • That my friend wears gold shorts to the gym so she feels like a champion
  • Argo winning BAFTAs - I haven't seen it yet but I love a good come back story and Affleck's acceptance speach was very sweet
  • Planing holidays in the sun
  • Good feedback from my boss
  • Bacon sandwich for breakfast
  • Tulips
  • Valentines day dinner with friends

Here are some things other people have said about love:

Happy Valentines Day everyone.