Friday, 8 February 2013

13 for 2013: V-Day

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Valentines Day has never really been a thing for me. When I have been in a relationship on V-Day the guy I with has tended to not even get me a card* (I think that they thought they could get away with this proves my low maintenance claims right?**). I would have LIKED a card and some cake or Percy Pigs (cupcakes with Percy pigs on them!!!) maybe but it's not my birthday or anything and V-Day is very over rated.

This year's a bit different. First - I will actually be in the country. The last 5 years or so I've tended to spend Valentines day with work colleagues in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. New job = no Barcelona and Valentines Day in the UK with my single housemates. Second - there is now one guy I'm chatting to on the dating site (urgh the effort) and while the pessimist/realist in me expects this to fizzle out I'd maybe be up for a date just not anywhere around Valentines Day! Far too much for a first day. Weirdness.

*This is an actual thing that has happened to me twice - different guys too...

**Maybe I should add something to my dating profile about low maintenance and low expectations? I'm guessing that's not the best idea...


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