13 for 2013: Dating


It's February so this seemed an appropriate goal to attempt to target this month.

Here's a bit of background. What with changing jobs 3 times and losing a couple of family members not to mention moving to a new city I haven't been on a date since April. Most of my relationships/dates have come from friends of friends but it seems I've somewhat exhausted that supply (not in a slutty way but because most of them I consider friends now too, that and my friends don't really seem to have many single male friends now). So now I'm settled in the new job and in London it's time to attempt to get back out there and as a massive coward I'm attempting online dating.

I've tried this before but have never followed through to an actual date. The last site I was on even matched me with my ex boyfriend which was pretty funny (I actually "LOL'd" so that's defo not an issue now). I think the main reasons it's not worked for me before are:

  • I'm lazy
  • I expect there's something wrong with all of them because they are on a dating site (I know...)
  • I'm not good at looking sexy (see below) don't get me wrong I think I'm quite pretty but I'm not mysterious or dangerous etc in anyway
  • I find it hard to describe what I like, (I like most things - even watching sport, I'm watching rugby writing this)
  • ... and also what I want without sounding rather fussy
  • Lastly I am pretty fussy
So yeah I've been on My Single Friend for a week now Ve wrote my description (meanie called me a hipster! but also wrote some lovely things). I'll try and keep you updated but so far nothing really to tell - I've messaged some, some have messaged me but there hasn't been much cross over yet.

my attempt at a sexy face