Most Wonderful Time of the Year

My Christmas:

  • Food - I'm pretty sure I've put on most of the weight I lost this year back on!
  • Films - The Hobbit and Pitch Perfect both awesome in very different ways
  • TV - Did you see Downton?! What a shocker!
  • Presents - I got a bit spoilt new boots, perfume, a clock, cds etc.
  • Family - lovely seeing them but missing those who aren't with us anymore
  • Friends - lot's of catch ups
  • Driving - Dad let me drive his car so I didn't have to get trains and buses to see people!
  • Rain - so much of this the ceiling in my Portsmouth flat fell in apparently (not impressed)
  • Markets - Southbank and Winter Wonderland in London are both great 
Hope you're having a good time!