What's with the woman hating?

I've been extra worried about the US election this year - luckily sanity prevailed - but the increased debate about womens rights has had concequenses for us in the UK too. The more (typically) republican men speak out about rape and abortion regulations the more it has been coming up here too.

This might be me not being very polically aware, but I don't remember these rights ever being an issue in the UK, at least not in the last 10 years. Over the past few months however, people have been discussing reducing the current limit of 24 weeks down to 20. Our current Health Minister in fact favours a 12 week limit! I don't understand why this is coming up now and can only think that it is women hating men trying to exercise their power after being shown that there are people in the world (women sadly included) that will vote to limit a womans rights over her own body. I haven't had an abortion and I probably wouldn't but circumstances change and knowing that I have the choice is important.

I found many of the campaigns messages and articles around the election empowering and hope that they get more people to think about the issues that could effect them

We need to educate more people, put an end to derogatory comments and show people running the country that we have the power before things get worse.