Week round up + good news!


This week had been kinda annoying. I had a cold and two interviews so most of my week off has been taken up with interview/presentation prep and trying to be well. I then fell over just outside the flat (I was sober - it was 9am) and have a lovely scabby knee now.

The hard work has paid off though and I just waiting for things to be signed then I can breath a sigh of relief. My starting date is looking like the 3rd December! I'll only be unemployed for another week so I'm going to have to make the most of the time off with some museum trips!

I took a break to go to the Natural History Museum, one of my flat mates recommended the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition and it's breath taking. If you get the chance to go tickets for an adult are £10 but it's well worth it and it's on until 3rd March. They also have the ice rink out front at the moment!