Knitting your roots

from here via Miss Indie

Both my Nan's knitted when I was little and we were forever wrapped up in beautiful hand knitted aran cable cardigans that I hated at the time. We also had clothes knitted for my dolls and baby blankets etc. My mum still has some of them tucked away in case I have children. Neither of them taught me to knit in the end, I think they must have tried when I was younger but it didn't stick.

I started to knit and crochet around the time I moved home after university. It was a hard time for me, I ended a 3 year relationship, started a new job (my first real career!), I couldn't drive, many of my friends hadn't yet moved back and I felt I was moving backwards by living at home. I learnt knitting and crochet from a mix of books and youtube videos starting with scarfs and granny squares. As well as being a creative outlet it relaxed me and helped me feel like I was doing something other than just sitting around and watching tv at home.

One of my Nans passed away earlier this year and mum and I thought it would be nice for me to knit some cushion covers for my aunts in a cable stich aran (like our old jumpers). The wool I'm using is also from Ireland (where my Grandad's from). I'm only part way through the first one at the moment - I'll share proper pictures when I'm done - but it's nice to do something that links to my past.