Guys in bars

from here via Hello Giggles
So the dating thing... it's pretty tough right? At the moment I've been busy with the relocation, new job stuff and haven't really done much about it. Since my last date (which was in my last week living in Portsmouth - how's that for timing!) I've dipped my toes in a little and it's still a bit of a weird place.

So how do you meet people? How do you get talking? Personally I've never really gotten into a conversation with a guy outside the bar/club situation (other than friends of friends etc). Where are these men at gigs and in bookshops we see in the movies?! They must have got the idea from somewhere...

Living in London there are more opportunities to talk to people on nights out and weirdly I've been doing this more than I did in Portsmouth as I don't expect to ever see these people again (unlike in a small town where you see them EVERYWHERE).

I suppose that the next issue is I'm a little judgmental and insecure.  It's a bit of a Groucho Marx situation and a bit 'why are you hitting on my, do you think I'm an easy target because I'm not the best looking girl here' sort of thing. These thoughts often lead to my signature move; the kiss and run (does what it says on the tin).

If I do hand over my number to a guy I never want theirs. This isn't some kind of dating rules bull, but simply me not wanting to put myself out there for rejection. It's not a great system as I'm sure men feel the same way and they tend to have to do the initial moves in the first place! I figure if they like me enough they'll take the risk - but how can you know if you like someone from meeting them in that kinda situation anyway...

What do you do?