The Miserable Rich

A couple of weeks ago I went to see The Miserable Rich at Kings Place with one of my old work friends.

Kings Place is a weird venue to be honest; it's mainly an office building (where The Guardian are based) with a coffee shop, bar/restaurant and even a gallery! That said it is lovely and the room we were in provided a perfect intimate gig setting. I'm looking forward to going back for some more Folk Union nights and for Not So Silent Movies (this is an awesome idea and I very much want to go along soon!).

The Miserable Rich I first saw at Southsea Fest last year(?) they had an incident with the tour van (it broke) so performed the first part acoustic standing in the audience. After a quick interval everything was back on plan and they played with the full band. The room was small and there not very many of us, it was also a seated event but this seemed to make it more relaxed and cosy. The band are very funny and self depreciating and chat a way in between songs (I'm a big fan of bands interacting with the audience) and the music was beautiful.

P.S. No the Rubbish duck isn't really connected but it's on the canal just outside Kings Place...