We have the puppy! My parents picked up Florrie a week ago today and last weekend I went home to catch up with some friends and have a few cuddles and a play with the puppy :)

Florrie is coming up for 10 weeks old now and is pretty big for a puppy. She's incredibly cute and mischievous! We already have one dog, Isla is 12 and is slowly adjusting to having a jumpy young thing around the house. Florrie wants to play with Isla all the time and is already imitating her and following her around. Isla likes a bit of space but is growing to like Florrie we think.

Don't let the pictures fool you! Much of my time with her was spent trying to distract her from biting things, fishing stones out of her mouth and preventing her from jumping in the pond! My Parents have their work cut out!

Trying to settle Florrie down and explain to mum how to take a photo with an iphone!

drying off after her first bath