Last week I saw Looper at the cinema with some friends. Great movie, great cast etc but ruined somewhat by the couple in the row behind us humping (she was sat on top of him - more than that I don't want to know). Cinema etiquette needs some serious examining people!

Anyway happier thoughts like how awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in general...

http://www.hitrecord.org/ is a project I would love to get involved in if my talents ever develope past Marketing (which is my job), knitting (my hobby) and eating (my gift). JGL and his late brother started it up a a way for people to collaborate on different creative projects. I urge you to watch a couple of their shorts if you can and, even better, to contribute.


Plus he's hot and a snappy dresser (people still say that right?...)

pinterest is telling me this is the source - if you have the real link please let me know.