2 months

London eye and big ben

It's been over two months since I moved and started my new job now and things are starting to settle down. The job is going really well, it's nice to have something new to sink your teeth into. I like being a bit of a tourist and going to museums and galleries after work, all the food places and walks along the river. Yes of course it can be annoyingly busy some days, both others it feels nice hiding in the crowds. 

southbank book sale

The biggest adjustment is not having some of my favourite people around the corner, however I get to see more of some of my oldest best friends from school and my house mates are (luckily) fantastic (it could so easily have been different!).

Moving is a hard thing to do, I only moved an hour and a half away but my life has changed more that would imply. London has given my life the shake up it needed.