Arcade Fire

Thursday I went to see Arcade Fire in Hyde Park with Alexa and she who shall not be named. It rained a little but for most of the day the sun was out and we managed to stay dry! They had a cinema tent showing a film based on latest album The Suburbs, a free photo booth and arcade complete with table tennis, table football and air hockey!

The Vaccines were great but I can't help but feel their music is best suited to a smaller grungy venue in the evening than a large field in the sun. Beiruit were great and we even spotted a couple salsa dancing along to the music. Mumford and Son's were also great fun and their new songs sound awesome - looking forward to the new album.

Arcade Fire were better than I hoped. So enthusiastic, a great set and great use of the screens. They had clips from The Suburbs companion film and archive film clips. Pretty much everyone was jumping around and dancing as the sun went down. Perfect.

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