The Drums

Back at the beginning of December I went to see The Drums play Portsmouth Pyramids.

First up were History of Apple Pie. They played some of this summers NME tour but not the Portsmouth leg. Unfortunately the set was marred by some technical sound issues. However they seemed pretty good and a band I'll keep a look out for.

Next; Cloud Control. This band blew my mind. I'd listened to the album before but it hadn't grabbed me (I must have been having a off day). Since seeing them I've re listened many, many times. Anyway, the band seem lovely, History of Apple Pie gave them a shout out. The set was far too short and ended with the bassist drumming on his amp whilst splinters of drum stick flew off everywhere.

After Cloud Control I wasn't that fussed about seeing The Drums and while they didn't match the former they were still great to watch. The lead singer has some awesome dance moves after all! That said a lot of people were pretty pissed that they didn't play the song below. Personally I think it's a pretty brave move but one that  would have paid off ok, letting the newer songs get some more attention, except that the last song of the encore was awful.