Lundi Loves

1. Sunglasses
I can't find my so I'm on the hunt for some nice new ones. Alexa and Miss bth have great collections. These images are from weheartit

2. Quentin Tarantino
I love these posters by Ibrahim Youssef, I think this is my favourite one...

You can see more here

3. Haunch of Venison
Went to this amazing pub on Saturday. It's crammed with history, friendly people and serves some great food. You can read some more about it here

"the Demented Whist Player who is tormented by the loss of his hand, severed in a card game due to cheating. In the House of Lords is a mummified hand discovered in the 19th Century, which may have belonged to the ghost. In March 2004 it was stolen feared never to be returned but reappeaed in mysterious circumstances 6 weeks later."

4. My new cook book
It's super pretty with reasonably healthy cake recipes.

5. Doctor Who!
I think everyone loves David Tennant (well I do anyway) he is also by far and away my favourite Dr. but that doesn't mean I'm not super excited about the new series!

New Trailer!